When I read the Changi script, all the songs were there right from the outset on John Doyle's script and it was something that had to be addressed before they could actually shoot any part of the film. He [Doyle] and I were talking about how great that music is and the songs that were produced for the show - he's a bit of a soft touch. He found it a bit hard to hold it together when he was at some of the sessions whilst we were recording the score because the music I had written is quite emotional. I said to him "Well mate, you make them laugh and I'll make them cry".
APRA/AGSC Awards - best music for
a mini-series or telemovie
Golden Manuscript Award - best original & adapted music

ARIA nomination - best soundtrack album
APRA/AGSC nomination - best soundtrack album
(2001) ABC Australia, director - Kate Woods