Four Moments
01. Glories Shall Be Released (Millo)
02. Dawn Of Our Sun (Millo)
03. Journey Through Our Dreams (Millo, Plavsic, Pilt, Plavsic)
04. Everything Is Real (Millo)
05. Rosanna (Millo)
06. Openings (Millo, Plavsic, Pilt, Plavsic)
Four Moments was recorded and mixed over a period of six consecutive days. The task at hand was to capture the essence of the band without overproducing. Apart from vocal, some solos and minimal overlays, Four Moments was captured 'live in the studio'.

Polygram Australia felt that Sebastian Hardie/Four Moments was a gamble, however, when the finished product was presented, the record company executives were ecstatic . The release of Four Moments was expedient and in Australia the 'label' symphonic rock was born and became synonymous with Sebastian Hardie.

Mario Millo : Guitars, Mandolins, Vocals
Peter Plavsic : Bass
Alex Plavsic : Drums
Toivo Pilt : Moog, Mellotron, Piano, Hammond

Produced by Jon English and Sebastian Hardie
Recording Engineer: Richard Lush
Recorded at EMI Studios Sydney, Australia - 1975
First release by Polydor Australia 1975